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Daniel Fusello's FX Page
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Welcome to my home page. Please bear with me while I attempt to set up my first website!  This site will be in a continual state of  construction as I get pics taken & upload them, but I wanted to at least get some pictures up!
This site includes photos of recent projects of mine--feel free to peruse my work & if you have any comments or suggestions, you can email

Here is a picture of myself, in case you feel the need to put a face to the name:

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My Background

I grew up in the suburban slums of Northridge, California. After getting married, I moved to the special effects makeup capital of the world: Everett, Washington.
 I'm sure you've heard of its splendor--
I started getting into special effects makeup after a long (& on-going) affair with the horror film genre.  I used to paint in oils and then started painting models such as the Hellraiser Characters
(I'll put up my hellraiser models soon).  From there I started sculpting, casting and creating masks & makeups.

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My Current Projects

I like to name my projects at the on-set.  It helps me to talk about them by name to my wife & others so they know which head I'm talking about.  So for your enjoyment, click on each project name link & it'll take you to the photo! (WARNING: Graphics Intensive)

Daniel Fusello At La Belle Epoque Studios

 To purchase my sculptures online, click here for my page at La Belle Epoque Studios (you can also take a look at some of Lori Fusello's current work!)

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Links to My Favorite Sites
 Click here for some great links!

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